Shade-grown coffee ad

Screen Shot 2015-05-09 at 4.30.32 PM

Published in 1947 in Life Magazine, this ad by Chase and Sanborns Coffee has a picture of “Coffee Country”, a painting by Lewis Daniel that shows coffee growing in rich volcanic in rich volcanic soil near century old ruins.

This particular campaign belongs to Chase and Sanborn’s line “Shade-grown” coffee, which advertised a specific line of coffee that grew in Latin America.

The slogan is “Share works a miracle in fine coffee flavor!”, and the text makes reference of the rich and fertile lands where the coffee grows:

“Thanks to cool, moist shade during large part of every day, the good earth of the tropics slowly creates coffee flavor that is a marvel of mellow richness. These finer coffee beans add the “”shade-grown”” flavor that America loves in Chase & Sanborn.”

As we can appreciate, this ad makes an explicit textual reference of the foreign rich lands where Chase & Sanborn coffee grows, but it makes no reference to the labor of the people who work and live in these lands, there is no reference to the picture as well, the author or what it represents.  It seems that the coffee just grows there and then miraculously comes to America.

Today it might seem impossible to mention the land where the coffee grows without acknowledging or making reference to the farmers that are behind this industry.

This ad was published in specialized magazines such as Life, therefore it was targeted to adults who had were interested in specialized coffee and appreciated and saw value in that a drink was from tropical land.


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