Joe Dimaggio is Mr. Coffee!

mr coffeeIf there is a character that had all the star potential for embracing a product is Joe Dimaggio, who was a world famous Yankee celebrity who had an amazing baseball career. Besides his status of an A-list athlete, increased exponentially by marrying Marilyn Monroe and with a mention in Ernest Hemingway’s novel “The Old Man and the Sea”, and with a mention in the main theme song for the film “The Graduate”.

Dimaggio started his endorsement of Mr. Coffee in the 1970s, with this strategy the sales increased exponentially and Dimaggio earned the nickname of “Mr. Coffee.” Dimaggio appeared in printed ads, in the retail boxes and in television. The athlete’s reputation, who started appearing in the ads when he was retired,  gave the coffee-machine company from Cleveland, the push that it needed to compete with other coffee-makers giants such as General Electric and Protocol-Silex.

Mr. Coffee’s advertisement campaign was targeted to families and house owners. The athlete’s wide appeal reached every member of families. Quickly, Dimaggio and Mr. Coffee merged as a brand and it was, most likely, present in every household.

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