Has his old man been hitting the coffee again?


Distributed in the United States by Kraft, Sanka Instant Coffee is one of the pioneers of decaffeinated instant coffee. The brand was advertised driven since it appeared, it was the sponsor of many TV shows, including I Love Lucy, The Twilight Zone and The Andy Griffith Show . Sanka Instant Coffee also published different print ads, just like this one from the “Ways of Consumption” area, which is different from the rest of them since instead of alluding to an enjoyable experience or the quality of the product, the ad makes reference to being tense and on the edge of collapse. Unlike other ads that intends to bring up good feelings, this alludes to unpleasant circumstances.

The story is about  an abusive father, who hits his kid because he does not get enough sleep. The solution, according to the ad, is to do not give up the coffee and drink Sanka decaf.

Just as we have seen in class, there is a strong marketing tendency to blame coffee and caffeine for health issues and bad consumption habits. This strategy has been done through advertisement and in scholarly “research”

The ad targets both men and women who enjoy coffee but can be the victims of caffeine.

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