Cup of Joy with the Silver Fox


This Nespresso advertisement campaign became globally famous since the first day, and the reason has two words: George Clooney. According to Nespresso’s FAQ page, they chose George Clooney as a brand ambassador in 2006 because “George Clooney starred in our first celebrity campaign in 2006. Since then, he has charmed fans and coffee aficionados as the perfect personification of the understated elegance and authenticity that make Nespresso what it is today.”

With the words elegance and authenticity, we can appreciate that this ad has an aspirational appeal. Mr. Clooney is well known for endorsing mostly luxury items, he has previously appeared in ads for Omega clocks, alcohol and cars. By choosing, Clooney, the brand’s intention is to appeal to elegance, luxury and sophistication. He is the selling point of the ad and the focus of attention. He is worth enough to build trust, The product is barely shown, it is almost hidden in the lower right corner of the ad.

In terms of the text, the main slogan is “Nesspresso, what else?”, meaning that there is nothing else that Nespresso and it is not worth it to even look for something else. The ad does not even recur to a “call to action” to buy the product.

Alongside Clooney’s figure, we can appreciate the product, which is the coffeemaker and the capsules, displayed in different attractive colors depending on the “level” or taste of the coffee.

The selection of using the black color is also an important element. Since a dark background reinforces the idea of selling the product as a luxury items since “Black is associated with power, elegance, formality, death, evil, and mystery”.

After analyzing the different elements of the ad, it is easy to see that the ad targeted to both men and women, mostly a young community, who find individual cups practical since they don’t have to share. Other celebrity figures that have endorsed Nespresso are Matt Damon, John Malkovich and Penelope Cruz.


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