Coffee ads and aspirations

How wonderful it would be to really own our imagination. But the truth is that it is vulnerable and malleable to the hands of marketers. How is it that, suddenly, we desire new stuff? Why do we filled unfulfilled? Advertisement hits us with the idea that of an eternal feeling of lack, the perfect enemy of happiness.

The advertising industry has an aspirational nature based on creating fantasies, desire and disappointment on that is real. There is no room for the word enough. People not only buy the product, the buy a promise, of a world and experience that is unique, and exciting…until it´s not. Aspirational strategies hit you in your deepest self,, in your social, personal, psychological and economic reality.

Whether it is a car, a house, a new nose, a mattress or a cup of coffee. You deserve better, get something better. In the coffee ads that we reviewed from different decades, we found diverse aspirational tendencies, from the elegance and sophistication of George Clooney and the experience of Joe Dimaggio, to the promise of an European experience from your own living room with Carol Lawrence and the idea that you are socially conscious every time you buy fair trade coffee. It might seem that we are having a close relationship with the products we buy, unfortunately what we experience is mere fantasy.


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