The worker as centerpiece


Published in 1962 by Sanka Bean Sacks company, this ad. Once again, Sanka uses a big image to sell their product, in this case we can see a coffee farmer/grower from Latin America, that shows no expression of excitement or happiness.

The text mentions that Sanka’s coffee grows in the best plantations of the world, “carefully blended and aroma roasted to the full flavor, the rich and rewarding aroma of the coffee in every jar”.

Even though the main visual figure is the farmer, the ad does not mention anything related to the labor activities to produce coffee or from where the coffee comes from. Fifty years later, it would seem inappropriate to publish an ad that has a the picture of a coffee grower without acknowledge his work or activities, there is an awareness about this issue, but this does not mean that the situation has changed for the better.


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