Coffee at night, a no-no?

mister drink coffee at night

Using again a behavior strategy, Sanka Instant Coffee hits again by attacking caffeine as the main guilty of male/husband violent behavior. In this ad from the 1930’s we can appreciate two power dynamics that fits into the categories of gender roles and labor. The first relationship is between the “servant” and the housewife; the second relationship is between the wife, who is portrayed in the ad, and the violent husband. Therefore, the ad is targeted to women, who are the responsible of deciding what kind of coffee the husband will drink, and if they don’t want them to be violent they should drink decaf coffee.

One of the taglines is “Real coffee, real sleep.” with the intention to reinforce the idea that decaf coffee still tastes like regular coffee. The ad continues with a few paragraphs to promote decaf coffee, however, the main message is visually heightened with the main image.


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