Celebrities: They Are just like us!

Magazine Ad For Chase & Sanborn Coffee, Tennessee Ernie Ford, Celebrity Endorsement, 1956

This ad was created by Chase and Sanborn Coffee and first appeared in 1956. It features Tenesse Ernie Ford, an American recording and television celebrity. Just like Carol Lawrence, Roger Federer and George Clooney, Ford was a brand ambassador for Chase & Sanborn coffee. Therefore, this ad belongs to the category of aspirational.

In some cases his face appeared on the ads, and in other cases his name was mentioned. For example, an ad would say “Take it from famous coffee drinkers and join Tennesse Ernie Ford in celebrating Chase & Sanborn Coffee’s 90th anniversary.

In this case, the ad shows Ford enjoying a cup of coffee. The ad uses the celebrity status of Teneesee Ernie to appeal the customers. We can see that his photo takes most of the ad space, and then there is a tagline that says “Take if from old Ern Ford Himself”. The target of the ad are both adult men and women. Then the rest of the text is informational, relying the main focus of attention to ford.


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