Yes we can (have more energy on the job)!

Energy on the job

The advertiser of this ad was the Pan-American Coffee Bureau and it appeared in Life Magazine in February, 1944. From the WWII period, this ad brings two young women to a new role, representing the working force. These women are no longer in the kitchen wondering how to prepare breakfast for their husbands, now they are enjoying coffee during their break from the factory.

The text of the ad says “Fragrant, steaming coffee! There´s nothing on this earth like it to quicken energy, sharpen wits and step up efficiency. No other drink is so cheering and satisfying. No other drink has warmed the hearts and opened the eyes of so many million Americans. Brew it full strength, to the full capacity of the pot brew it fresh every time. At home, anywhere, everywhere, have another cup!” We can appreciate how even though the visual image of the ad reflect the new working woman, the text alludes to some adjectives for  that were attributed to housewives, such as “warmed the hearts and opened the eyes”, it is not about being efficient, alert or work better, just as the slogan says: “The Friendly drink from good Neighbors”.

Finally, in this ad we can see that global production of coffee is used as an extra appeal in the ad, by mentioning that the coffee includes countries such as Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba. Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Mexico and  Venezuela.


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