The magic of brazilian coffee


This ad by Airwave Coffee is very informational. It shows an understanding of coffee production and explains how their storage system is better than the one their competitors use: “a flavor so delicate it can’t be captured in a vacuum can!”. They reinforce the notion that they have the know-how to keep the essence and distinctive flavor of the coffee when the beans are taken to the US. From Brazil to Safeway, your coffee will not lose its exotic taste.

Brazil is portrayed in the ad as a special land where amazing coffee is grown: “In the heart of the world’s Coffee Land grow fine coffees with a deliciously different flavor”. The illustrations strengthen the idea of a place where amazing things happen and where nature remains untouched. Since they are promoting how they sell packaged beans, “Nature’s own protective package”, Airwave uses not only an illustration of the coffee bean, but also includes the plant and the farmer. It’s one of the few advertisements we’ve stumbled upon that puts the commodity right in the center, as the attention grabbing element.

On a sour note, we cannot fail to address the presence of worker in the ad. In most coffee ads we have analyzed when a person is present, their faces are distinctive and their presence is an integral part of the ad. But in this one the worker is giving her back and her face is indistinguishable. It’s as if she’s not worthy to be shown, because the plant and the bean are more important than she is.


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