The Federer Serve

Federer Jura

Since 2007 Roger Federer, considered to be one of the best tennis players ever, has been the brand ambassador for Jura Cafe, a Swiss company known for its fully automatic espresso machines. Due to the success of having Federer as spokesperson, their relationship continues to this day. According to their official website, “Both share common values, such as Swiss origin, hard work, precision, elegance and the pursuit of perfection”.

The intention of the campaign is to associate their espresso machines and Federer with coffee enjoyment and a luxurious, yet simple, lifestyle. Just as the case of Clooney and Nespresso, this campaign evokes Jura Cafe as a luxury item. In this particular ad, the tone of the text speaks for Federer, it is not Federer’s voice or quote. The text says: ”Whether it’s tennis or coffee, Roger Federer knows you always have to serve your best. His choice in automatic coffee centers.. Jura-Caspresso because he loves perfect cappuccino”.

Once again, this ad is targeted to people who will enjoy coffee individually, and in this case is is mostly directed to males


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