A magical morning

I love getting up in the morning

This ad clearly came out during a time of war (the Vietnam war probably?). It works on the informational level as well as in the emotional one. It clearly informs the reader that the coffee beans were picked in Latin America and how even though they offer a low price they do not compromise the quality they offer.

The ad is also very emotional. Considering that its target audience happen to be mothers, how can it not be an emotional trigger? Every mother, during war time, wishes to have her son safely back home. Even if their sons are not serving, the possibility and the idea of them being deployed is a very powerful one. Every mother that saw the ad could relate to the wish of having their sons back in their childhood bedrooms and having the possibility of pampering them.

It also emphasizes that their brand is “a ‘uniform favorite’ with every seventh family in America”. It is in this way that they are aligning themselves as a very American brand, one that supports the troops and that is aware of the sacrifices the American families are doing.

On a different note, we consider that this ad can also be considered somewhat subversive. It emphasizes how the young man looks forward to getting up this particular morning and not on the other ones, because he is once again home and not overseas.


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