“I drink like a European”

drink like a european

This ad fits with the aspirational category as well. It was launched from General Food International Coffee during the 70s. The campaign features Carol Lawrence–an American actress, most often associated with musical theatre, but who has also appeared extensively on television–as a spokeswoman and it is estimated that she did over 70 ads for print and TV. Besides using Lawrence celebrity status, the ad also appeals to the European experience and taste of drinking coffee.

The ad was part of the “How to Unplug Campaign”, which was targeted to women with the intention to encourage them to associate drinking coffee with taking a pause during the day and relax. The strategy was to market the different product line (Viennese coffee, Parisian cream) with an emphasis that drinking coffee was almost like a vacation, because they look like coffee tastes that the customer could enjoy in Europe.

The main message of the ad is a quote from Lawrence: “I relax like the Europeans by drinking coffee like the Europeans”.  Other quotes that were used in ads by Lawrence were “I love Italy. I love coffee. I suppose that’s why I love everything about Orange Cappuccino, and now I can have the flavor of a European coffeehouse in my own house.”

Therefore the ads appeal to the customers by using the glamorous style of Lawrence and by promoting the European experience of drinking coffee as something that includes different flavors and presentations which are offered by the General Food International Coffee.


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