Give Yourself A (Coffee) Break!


Released in 1953 and published in Life Magazine by the Pan American Coffee review, this ad is really interesting because it’s targeted to the rodeo culture. Unlike Sanka ads, here the beneficial properties of caffeine are mentioned and are a selling point, for example it is mentioned that caffeine helps you to be focused,  to plan meetings and to clear your mind.

Although the ad is targeted to men and women, we can appreciate gender separation in it. For men, caffeine helps them to THINK better, while for women caffeine helps them to FEEL better. Therefore the ad reinforces gender stereotypes that males are rational beings while women are emotional beings

The ad alludes to the fact that coffee is a drink for social gatherings. Whether it is for work or leisure activities, it has the slogans “Give Yourself A Coffee Break” and “There´s a Welcome Lift in Every Cup”.


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